I’ve met him with a reason and i won’t leave him


I have never been in a plane before but i have flied more
I flied when i met this boy
And he kissed me and i swear i could fly
Everytime he touch me it’s like a sparkle on my skin
Every kiss of him makes me fly
I believe true love does exist
But only because he opened my eyes to believe in that
I love him
And i loved him already before we were together and i still love him
Every hug is so tight and warm
Lovely and sweet
And in my life he is the only one I need

I promise you i’m always there when your heart is filled with sorrow and despair

Dear world

I have a few questions
-why do i still live while i’m tired to live
-why am i always so sad while i try to smile
-why do they don’t love me
-why is it so fun to hurt a girl like me?
-why do i have all these questions
-why isn’t it already done with me?