I think i’m going to delete tumblr maybe not sure yet but if it happens
I want you guys to know
I’ve been in a dark period for a long time someone helped me out of there but it is going to happen again and i’m not strong i’m weak not important not even useful and i better keep my mouth shut
Nobody really likes my smile they enjoy my tears and thats why i give up i’m tired to live this way and i am giving up
I’ve been harming my self a few years that has stopped for a while but i’m again in that period and that’s never going to stop i’ve loved all your messages and thanks for re blogging if i delete this i say “if” then i want to thank you all for the people that never said i wasn’t worth it cause i hear that all the time and it brought me down
I love you guys take care :)

I laugh my tears away
And tonight i will laugh my life away